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    Basic Lawn Care

    One of the services we offer is the basic weekly service, that ensures your grass is always trimmed and kept maintained. This service is a basic mowing, edging, trimming (around the house and other vertical objects), and blowing.

    Basic Lawn Care and Maintenance Includes

    • Mowing all grassxa
    • Trimming around all vertical objects
    • Edging
    • Blowing off the hard surfaces
    • The winter month mowing ensures leafs are kept clean

    We provide all the lawn mowing and property maintenance services needed to have a beautiful landscape.


    Full Service Lawn Care

    One most popular service we offer is the full service lawn maintenance service, that ensures your whole yard is always trimmed and kept maintained plus colorful. This service is custom and based off the needs of your individual property. It includes the basic weekly lawn service plus the maintenance of all your other plants, fertilizing, sprinkler checks, seasonal color and more…

    Full Service packages include

    • Year round lawn mowingb
    • Bush trimming
    • Fertilizing
    • Leaf cleaning
    • Seasonal color
    • Sprinkler checks
    • Winter rye (if needed)
    • Bed cleaning

    and other items your property needs.